Look at all of those yummy food items on your festive feast list! Do you know what’s left to do? Now, it is time to pull out your specialty pot or pan for a traditional night-before prep session. However, you should make sure it's properly cleaned and ready for extensive use!

We have prepared cleaning instructions for your most prized cookware and bakeware to have you ready for guests this holiday season!

How to Clean Your Aluminum Cookware

Our home is full of useful items made with aluminum that we use every day, including cookware and bakeware. But sometimes this amazing material can get dirty over time and nothing grosses you out more than a greasy pan collecting germs on top of our favorite foods. Fortunately though, cleaning your aluminum item doesn't have to be a daunting task, just follow these steps:

Step One: Cleaning your aluminum kitchenware is simple! Rinse with soap and water, then scrub off all the food particles or grease.

Step Two: Fill your aluminum pot or pan with water, but don't fill it to the top. You'll want a little space for boiling--about 1-2 inches.

Step Three: Add 2 tablespoons of natural cleaning agent per quart. You can use white vinegar, lemon juice, or cream of tartar as an option for those who don't like the smell of bleach!

Step Four: You can also scrub your pans with a wet cloth to get rid of food particles and soap scum. Just fill the bottom half up with water, then add some dishwashing liquid or olive oil if you want it shiny again!

Step Five: Once the contents in water have been allowed to cool, pour out the water.

Step Six:  After your cookware is cool, rinse and dry it with a clean cloth. Next, use the non-scratch scrub pad to gently rub all over the inside of each pot or pan.

Not a lot of time to clean? Try using steel wool, dish soap, and warm water on aluminum or steel pots. The abrasive properties will cut through food buildup for an instantly brighter shine!

How to Clean Your Copper Cookware 

Cleaning your copper pots and pans is one of the most well-known ways to care for them. But before polishing, you need to make sure that they're thoroughly washed with soap or dish detergent and warm water in order to get deep stains out so it will luster up nicely!

Step One: Add a layer of salt to the inside and outside of your copper pots to keep it from tarnishing. Then add 1 part white vinegar for every 20 parts water, then scrub away any residue with soap or other cleaners before letting that mixture dry completely - this will help protect against corrosion as well!

Step Two: Allow your cookware to sit for 15 seconds to see the dramatic difference from dirty to sparkling clean!

Step Three: To make sure the process goes as smoothly and quickly for you, add more white vinegar to a sponge. Gently scrubbing is always helpful!

Step Four: Once you have scrubbed all your copper cookware with soap and water, add salt to the sides as well as inside each pot or pan.

Step Five: To keep your copper cookware shining bright, use warm water to rinse it off after cooking with a little bit of bleach or vinegar. You will be able to scrub away all the soot and dirt from yesterday's meal without worrying about losing any desirable surface qualities!

How to Clean Your Dutch Oven

There are two ways to keep your cast iron Dutch oven in perfect condition: the removal of food residue and maintenance on its protective coating. We’re here to help with these simple steps:

Step One: For the best results, wash your Dutch oven using hot water and a plastic scrubber. Avoid soap to avoid breaking down any protective oils coating on it so that you can preserve its flavor for years to come!

Step Two: One of the most important steps in cleaning an oven is to thoroughly rinse it, use a cloth to get rid of excess water, and then let it completely air dry.

Step Three: To keep your Dutch oven in peak condition, be sure to coat it with a thin layer of oil or lard after cleaning. This will help protect and season the iron!

Step Four: Heat up the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it in there for an hour, then turn it off and allow it to cool completely before storing away. Now you can use that pan again!

Seasons change, and with the changing of seasons comes the need for professional holiday cleaning. With more than your fair share on this task alone, you may feel overwhelmed! But don't let it be too much for one person; contact Beyond Expectations today at (912) 230-4990 or [email protected] to help get ready before the holiday celebrations arrive!

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