Cleaning pet hair from your home can be a difficult task, especially if you have more than one pet. Not only does pet hair get on upholstery but it also gets on hardwood floors and carpeting as well. In this blog post, we will discuss how to clean up pet hair from the hard surfaces in your home successfully!

To lessen the amount of animal hair you have to clean up, you can brush your pet often outside with specific brushes made for your pet's hair type. This will get the excess pet hair off of your dog or cat so that it doesn't end up in your home! There are also special grooming gloves that let you pet your animal while removing their shedding hair that you can find at pet stores!

Pet hair can get on furniture and upholstery very easily. Here are some pet hair removal tips for your home’s furniture:

  • Vacuum the pet hair often from the furniture to keep it from getting embedded in the fabric. If you don't have a vacuum at home, try using tape or lint rollers with pet hair adhesive strips that can help remove pet hair.
  • Gently shake the furniture outside to release stuck or embedded pet hair. Be careful not to damage the furniture or fabric in the process!
  • Use a pet-safe upholstery cleaning product to clean pet hair and debris from your furniture. You can find these products at many stores or dedicated pet stores.

For cleaning pet hair from your hardwood floors and carpeting, here are some helpful pet hair removal tips:

  • Vacuum the hardwood or tile floors daily or every couple of days with a vacuum that has a strong suction power to pick up pet hair. You can also use vacuum attachment tools to get up pet hair that is stubborn or in tight spaces.
  •  Use an adhesive roller for clothing to remove pet hairs from hard-to-reach areas or awkward corners of the house. This works especially well on carpets!
  • A vacuum is essential for cleaning pet hair from carpets because pet hair builds up easiest in the fibers. It's important to stay on top of vacuuming pet hair from the carpet because the animal hair will get deeper and deeper into the carpet over time!

If you have a pet that likes to climb on top of low surfaces, or you need to clean pet hair from shelves or low tables, you can use a variety of tools! A simple store-bought duster picks up pet hair quickly and efficiently. You can also use an adhesive lint roller as mentioned above to pick up pet hair off of hard surfaces as a quick and easy hack.

If you need a professional to stay on top of your family's special pet's shedding, Beyond Expectations Cleaning Professionals are here to help you! Call today to schedule a cleaning service in the Brunswick, Georgia area at  (912) 230-4990 or visit to learn more about the services we offer.

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