You have already started to set the stage for a stress-free holiday season by creating your winter cleaning checklist. However, if you are hosting Christmas at home or traveling abroad during this time of year, it is important to clean and organize one more time before Santa comes down your chimney - or drops off presents under the tree! Here are the essential cleaning and organizing to-dos that will make your holiday season a breeze.

Cleanup Before Christmas

It is time for the Christmas cleanup! This means it's time to go through all of those boxes you stored in the garage or basement and make sure they were ready for showtime. Every year, we only pull out Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, and Christmas wrapping paper. This means that we have a lot of stuff packed away in boxes from the last few years!

If you haven't looked at your Christmas decorations since you put them away after Christmas 2015 or before Christmas 2016 then now is the time to go through those boxes and find out what needs to be cleaned, replaced, or thrown away. It's never too late to say goodbye to Christmas items that are broken and replace them with new ones!  You might even find some hidden gems in your storage boxes that you forgot about!

How To Organize Before Christmas

The Christmas organization is the next step in getting your house ready for Christmas. Once you have gone through all of those Christmas boxes and taken out what needs to be either thrown away, recycled, or stored properly for next Christmas (and found out what needs to be replaced), it is time to organize all of your Christmas decorations.

Not only will keeping organized make the Christmas cleanup go smoothly but also makes decorating much easier! You can start by getting rid of any old Christmas cards you don't need anymore. This will save you the trouble of having to sort through Christmas cards when you are ready to send out Christmas cards this year.

Make Time to Clean Before Guests Arrive

There are some items that you might not think need to be cleaned before Christmas, but they actually do! For example, you should take the time to clean out your fireplace before Christmas. It's important to get rid of all ashes and soot from last year, and this is the perfect time of year to do it.

If you are hosting any Christmas parties then make sure that your oven and stovetop are clean before you start baking Christmas cookies. It's also a good idea to make sure that your refrigerator and dishwasher are both clean and in proper working order for all of the wonderful meals you will be cooking.

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service To Help

If you find yourself in a tight spot this holiday season, Beyond Expectations Cleaning is here to help. Our cleaning services will make your home beautiful and ready for guests or family members visiting from out of town! Give us a call at (912) 230-4990 or email us at [email protected] for more information about how our cleaning services can help you this holiday season.

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