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We use our bathrooms daily - to wash our hands, brush our teeth, shower, and shampoo, and so on. Because bathrooms are a part of our daily routine, it is important to also clean them on a routine basis. Otherwise, buildup will taint your toilet and bathtub, your drains may get clogged, and you’ll be bound to find hair and dust balls. Keep reading to find essential tips for cleaning your bathroom and maintaining its amenities, recommended by Beyond Expectations Cleaning Professionals.

Just cleaning the toilet and the bathtub every couple of weeks isn’t enough; you need to really pay attention to each nook and cranny of your bathroom in order to ensure that it’s as clean as possible. Here are seven steps that will help you get started on cleaning your bathroom from top to bottom, preparing it for guests, or just for your own health and hygiene!


Because of its proximity to water and germs, you need to give your sink more attention than any other surface in your bathroom. A quick wipe-down with an antibacterial cleaner and some hot water flowing after will get rid of unsightly grime or stains.

If you are looking for a DIY cleaner for the sink, try white vinegar and baking soda! First, sprinkle baking soda evenly on the sink and countertop. Next, use a spray bottle with vinegar to coat the baking soda. Finally, use a microfiber cloth or a scrub to work the mixture into the sink to get rid of any stains or debris.

Make sure that no water remains pooled in the sink or on the surrounding countertop after use so that you can keep the sink looking cleaner for longer. Try to get into the habit of drying off the sink and its countertop after use. This will prevent mold from developing, as well.


Because the shower and tub tend to pool water and remain damp for a longer period of time. mold and mildew can grow easily. Soap residual also builds up more and more over time if you don't clean the shower and tub frequently. There are many cleaning products designed to remove soap scum quickly and effectively, but make sure you read the ingredients to avoid chemicals and harmful ingredients.

The best tool to use for shower cleaning is dependent on the type of material your shower is made of. Use a more delicate cleaning tool like a sponge or microfiber cloth if your shower is made of more delicate material. If your shower is not made of scratchable material, you can use a scrubber brush to more effectively clean it.


The toilet can be one of the dirtiest spots in your bathroom and tends to hold the most bacteria. This makes it vital to clean more often and clean it well. To clean your toilet effectively, start by using a toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit for several minutes to be more effective. You should be able to simply flush away the simpler stains and grime. Use gloves and a hand scrub to get rid of the rest.

Next, clean the toilet lid, the seat, and underneath the toilet seat as well. You can use any disinfectant wipe, cleaning spray, or vinegar and baking soda mixture!  Finally, make sure you clean behind your toilet. This is an area that often gets forgotten when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Use a scrub brush or a broom with a dustpan to remove any dirt from behind your toilet and around it too!


Clean floors are vital to increasing the lifespan of bathroom floors over time. Because of the moisture in the bathroom from the shower and sink, the floor can stay wet and sometimes harbor bacteria that could lead to mold or mildew. Moisture also makes it easier for dirt and grime to stick around on your floor, so keeping it clean is important!

First, sweep or vacuum any dust or debris off of your bathroom floor. Follow up by using a mopping tool like a microfiber mop or a Swiffer. These tools are best for mopping bathroom flooring because they are quick, easy, and effective. Don’t forget to clean behind toilets, under sinks, around shower curtains, and so on!

For more thorough cleaning, consider using a steam mop or hiring us to get rid of any stubborn stains or germs that might be lingering on your bathroom floors!


Next, it is a good idea to thoroughly wash all of your linens. Whether they’re hand towels or bath sheets, they should be cleaned and hung up immediately after being used.

You should frequently wash your bath towels, hand towels, and shower curtains often to prevent the growth of bacteria or mildew. The shower-liner is very important to keep clean to prevent mildew, though many people forget to wash it too! It is recommended to use a fabric liner so that it is easy to throw in the washer and dryer along with the other bathroom linens.

Don’t forget to wash any bath rugs you may have under the sink, tub, or toilet. These rugs are always stepped on and typically dampened, so it is important to wash them thoroughly to remove any buildup.


Remove everything from your bathroom cabinets and drawers and reorganize them. Decide what you’re going to toss or give away. Put back everything you want to keep in an organized fashion and consider investing in new shelves, drawer organizers, drawer lines, and so on.

We highly recommend that under-the-sink serves to maximize storage. This will make it much easier to keep the bathroom clean when there is a stock of cleaning supplies under the sink that is organized and ready to go!

On the other hand, by hiring Beyond Expectations, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining a stock of cleaning supplies. We will bring all of the effective and safe cleaning products to keep your bathroom clean from week to week, month to month.


Deodorizing the bathroom is just as important as cleaning it. Once everything has been cleaned from top to bottom, deodorize your space with some candles or essential oils. You can diffuse essential oils or create a spray using a few drops of essential oils (such as lemon or peppermint) in a spray bottle filled with water. Shake well before each use, then spritz around your bathroom after you’ve cleaned them thoroughly to enjoy a fresher-smelling room!


Bathroom cleaning can be tedious and tiring. If you want to spend your time doing what you enjoy and not have to worry about your bathroom, scheduling a cleaning with Beyond Expectations is the way to go! A cleaning technician can clean your bathroom from top to bottom so you can enjoy a clean bathroom and relax after a long day.


Beyond Expectations is here for all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs! We provide weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning, or as needed in Brunswick, Georgia. We also service nearby areas such as Glynn County, Jekyll Island, Sea Island, St. Simons, and more. Call today to schedule a cleaning service at (912) 230-499 or visit our website b-expectations.com to learn more. We will truly go above and beyond your expectations!

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